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 Apart from the fact that it was planned to be present as a trilogy, the great success that Munafik achieved when it was released in early 2016 was clearly another strong reason why the sequel was later produced and released to the cinema screen. With revenues of RM17.04 million from its release in Malaysia, the film, which is the ninth and second horror film directed by Syamsul Yusof, was successfully recorded as the film with the largest commercial gain in the neighboring country in the year of its release. This commercial success was also complemented by critical success as Munafik was able to garner nine nominations and won five of them – including the Best Director and Best Editor categories, both of which were won by Yusof – from the highest film awards event in Malaysia, the th Malaysian Film Festival. 28. Munafik 2 – which has been released in Malaysia since the end of last August and managed to become a film with

the biggest income of all time with a revenue of RM40 million - still presenting a horror story with a thick Islamic nuance by following the life journey of the main character, Ustadz Adam (Yusof), who works as a preacher and exorcist.

Again featuring Yusof as a director as well as a scriptwriter, main actor, and film director, Munafik 2 has a storyline that is two years apart from the various conflicts that were narrated in the previous film. It is said that, although he still often has strange dreams, Ustadz Adam is now starting to forget the grief he felt after the death of his wife and child and return to filling his daily life with da'wah activities. A challenge comes when he is asked to help a single mother named Sakinah (Maya Karin) who along with her daughter, Aina (Nur Zara Sofia), get physically and mentally terrorized from Abu Jar (Nasir Bilal Khan) to force Sakinah to join the group. adherents of the heresy that he formed and had managed to gain a large following. Not an easy challenge to conquer. Abu Jar often uses magical powers to destroy those who do not want to follow his teachings. And

Ustadz Adam's arrival to help Sakinah clearly angered Abu Jar and all his followers.


With a production cost that is much higher than its predecessor, it is not surprising that Yusof was able to pack Munafik 2 with a more convincing technical look. This can clearly be felt since this film started its storytelling where the film's cinematography system managed to capture and present images with quality that were more comfortable to watch and the production system that really supported the presence of the horror atmosphere of the film's storytelling. Munafik 2 also moves quite dynamically in the early half of the story. The introduction of the plot related to the continuity of the story about the life of the main character since the various conflicts that were told to Munafik as well as a series of new characters that will later develop as a central part of the main story of this film is presented in a straightforward manner and is capable enough to appear promising as a horror presentation with Islamic nuances. qualified. Honey, the moment where Yusof tries to continue the story and increase the intensity

conflict, Munafik 2 begins to feel lost as well as the quality of the storytelling.

The problem clearly stems from the story script by Yusof. After introducing the conflicts and characters present in the storytelling of Munafik 2, the plot of the film then stagnates in the feud between Ustadz Adam's character and Abu Jar or the efforts of Abu Jar's character to bring terror into the life of Sakinah's character. And it keeps repeating itself for the duration of the 121-minute film. The series of conflicts and characters also did not experience any significant development: Sakinah's character continues to be depicted as a patient with constant calamities, Ustadz Adam's character as a person who wants to struggle to uphold religious teachings - even though he continues to be depicted as being present with a lot of doubts, and character Abu Jar who continuously shouted in reciting his dialogue.

Exhausting? Of course. Moreover, Yusof then chose to bombard the film's presentation with many twists and turns of cheap quality stories and millions of jump scares that he did by increasing the audio volume of the film every time he wanted to surprise the audience. The third half of the film is the worst part of the story - with the addition of a shallow rape story and a ridiculous ending - and seems to confirm that Yusof has indeed lost the idea of ​​providing a proper development for the film's storyline. Apart from the monotonous characters, the acting department of this film actually appears in a presentation quality that does not disappoint. As an actor, Yusof is able to present a character with strong charisma. Likewise Karin, who often manages to provide many emotional moments in the storytelling of the film. Of course, that little skillful acting performance won't be able to cover it

the overall presentation quality of the film will really give a bad experience for the audience. [D-]

munafik-2-syamsul-yusof-movie-poster Munafik 2 (2018)

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