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 In the midst of the hectic flow of vehicles during the 2018 homecoming season, a husband and wife couple, Firman (Ibnu Jamil) and Aida (Putri Ayudya), are struggling so that they can arrive at their hometown before the eve of Eid while burdened with the tension of thinking about their troubled marriage. . A new problem turned out to be approaching the two when the car they were driving was involved in a traffic accident that killed a motorcyclist. Intending to be responsible, Firman and Aida then visit the funeral home and meet Santi (Asmara Abigail). Unexpectedly, the introduction to the mother of one child then provided a new angle for Firman and Aida's marriage journey – a part of the story that set off a ticking time bomb from the domestic problems that both of them had been trying to suppress.


It is the second feature-length film directed by Adriyanto Dewo after completing Tabula Rasa (2014), Mudik is presented as an intimate story by giving a complete focus to the characters. There are no complicated or layered conflicts. However, despite the simplicity of the storytelling, Dewo was able to build his storytelling with a bitter household drama story and a critique of the position of women in the social strata which was quite striking. The word "mudik" used by Dewo for the title of the film is not only based on the story surrounding the annual ritual of the Indonesian people's journey. The spiritual journey of each character in the storyline of this film to regain peace from the various problems that crush their hearts also strengthens the theme of Mudik's story. It is not surprising that the film, which was also released under the title Homecoming, is more often presented in a minimal dialogue order to strengthen the atmosphere

the silence felt by each character.

With a great focus placed on the characters in the film's storyline, Dewo managed to get strong performances from the filler of his acting department. Even though they are serving as supporting characters, Abigail and Yoga Pratama are always able to steal the attention with their very successful performances in bringing the characters they play to life. Jamil and Ayudya also appear strong in their roles as a married couple who are afflicted with grief and problems. Through the performances of Jamil and Ayudya, the audience can feel the discomfort that arises in the togetherness of the characters Firman and Aida they play. Ayudya, in particular, is the key to Mudik's success in presenting many emotional moments that will be able to stay in the minds of the audience even long after they watch this film.

Not only successfully executed in the quality of the story and convincing acting, Dewo's directing ability also feels so reliable in the technical setting of the film. The cinematography of the film by Vera Lestafa has succeeded in presenting pictures that seem simple but able to reveal so many meanings that support the atmosphere of the story that the film wants to present. The combination of images and sound that captures the commotion of the homecoming atmosphere but still emphasizes the silence felt by the hearts of the characters is also an element that makes Mudik so alluring. The musical compositions directed by Lie Indra Perkasa are not always heard in every scene. Even so, Perkasa seems to ensure that the musical accompaniment is able to provide a thicker emotional boost in every scene that presents it.

Homecoming (2020)

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