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 Think that the family you have is the most embarrassing family structure the world has ever seen? Wait until you see the family members featured in Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener, a film based on Viyanthi Silvana's novel Mother Keder and directed by debutant director Eko Nobel. Mother Keder: My Magical Mother Bener focuses its story on Vivi (Qory Sandioriva), a beautiful girl who after quitting her job and finding out that her fiancĂ© has cheated on her must try to start her life back from the beginning. Restarting his life from the beginning meant that he had to leave his apartment and return to live with his family… with their behavior sometimes being like people who have no common sense at all.

Even so, for the sake of a new beginning in her life, Vivi finally moved back to her house. Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener then tells how Vivi tries to adapt to the behavior of her father (Pong Hardjatmo), mother (Ira Maya Sopha) and her three younger siblings, Dinda (Jill Gladys), Valdy (Yoga Prasetya) and Inka (Zahra Nuraini Farisza). ). Vivi's initial plan to return to her home and reorganize her life then goes awry after various behaviors of her family, especially her mother, which often makes her feel depressed. This is further compounded by the news that comes from Dinda that she will soon marry Bayu (Athoy Herlambang) which makes Vivi feel even more depressed.

At first glance, the family story of Mother Keder: My Emak Ajaib Bener will remind viewers of the Bennet family structure in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice (1813). These two families both have a mother who often acts eccentric, a father who is wise but often chooses not to relate to his family members and a series of children's characters who have so many differences from each other. Obviously, Pride and Prejudice is a story that puts more emphasis on romance in its storyline when compared to Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener, which places more emphasis on comedic elements to the audience.

With the composition of the script adapted by Reka Wijaya (Planet Mars, 2008), Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener actually has so much potential to become a comedy that will really be able to entertain the audience. The potential actually exists, and some of them have burst between the stories presented in this film. However, in most parts, the storyline of Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener which is presented from the point of view of Vivi's character often feels bland, especially when the story of this film does not present the main star character of this film, the mother, Ibu Kosasih. Vivi's personal story as well as the story of wedding preparations and all the problems experienced by Dinda's character are less able to appear special and attractive.

Even so, if you want to put aside all the drama elements in this film, then Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener has actually been able to do quite well to become a truly entertaining comedy. Indeed, there is nothing so special about the comedy mix presented in this film. However, with a fairly successful execution of Eko Nobel and the ability of every filler in the acting department of this film to appear natural - without having to look like they are trying to be funny or funny - Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener is quite capable of bringing pleasant moments to the audience. the audience. In addition to the comedic elements, the family theme that is tried to be presented is also often managed to appear touching. The journey of the characters in Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener to realize the meaning of love for the strengths and weaknesses of their family members was able to be captured and handled well by Eko Nobel so as to be able to appear simple but so able to work effectively.

effective for every audience of this film.

There is no denying that the strength of Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener, which makes the 91 minutes of this film feel so humorous, is the performance of Ira Maya Sopha, who plays the role of Ibu Kosasih so loosely. With her previous roles in Sharing Husband (2006), Quickie Express (2007) and Extraordinary Symphony (2011), it's not really surprising to see Ira able to handle this role very well. The role of Ibu Kosasih is a role that mixes the characters that she used to appear in the three films, a character who is eccentric, crazy, narcissistic with chatter that is sometimes absurd but still has the heart and soul of a noble and wise mother. It is easy enough to see that Ira Maya Sopha is the Mother of Kosasih in the real world.

The rest of the acting department performers also did not disappoint. In her second film after Purple Love (2011), Qory Sandioriva managed to overcome her challenge to present a deeper acting ability, and in particular, stay away from the graceful image of her who has been known as a winner of Puteri Indonesia. Qory is still not perfect actually. There are still some parts where this beautiful actress looks stiff and without deep expression. But overall, Qory is able to show that she is a potential new actress to develop. Jill Gladys and Pong Hardjatmo also further strengthen the acting power of this film to be able to appear convincing.

There's no need to expect an award-winning presentation at Mother Keder: My Ajaib Bener Mother. This film seems to be made as a dish that is able to bring popcorn comedy entertainment to the audience. Indeed, in some parts the business seems bland and flat. However, in most parts, Mother Keder: Emakku Ajaib Bener is really able to present the nuances of comedy magic that is presented through its eccentric characters. Ira Maya Sopha is clearly the main dish that makes this film so captivating. Nothing special, but as a first work, it is clear that Eko Nobel has been able to present a presentation that does not disappoint.

Mother Keder: My Mother Is Really Magic (Vision Lintas Film, 2012)

Mother Keder: My Mother Is Magical Bener (2012)

Directed by Eko Nobel Produced by Dede Gracia Written by Reka Wijaya (screenplay), Viyanthi Silvana (novel, Mother Keder) Starring Ira Maya Sopha, Qory Sandioriva, Jill Gladys, Pong Hardjatmo, Yoga Prasetya, Zahra Nurani, Yati Surachman, Athoy Herlambang Music by Ari Darmawan Cinematography Ardy Yusuf, Eko Nobel Editing by Bernardes Salvano Studio Visi Lintas Film Running time 91 minutes Country Indonesia Language Indonesian

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