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 The year 2009 may be said to be one of the proudest years for the South Korean film industry. How not, their two films, both of which are thriller genres, have received wide recognition and praise from many world film critics. Thirst, a vampire-themed thriller that is currently in vogue, is widely described as South Korea's far better answer to Twilight. Meanwhile, Mother, managed to become the flagship film of South Korea to compete in the Best Foreign Language category at the last The 82nd Academy Awards, although in the end it had to fail in the final selection stage.

Mother itself is directed by Bong Joon-ho, a director who is familiar with various award shows after his work, The Host (2006), also suffered the same fate, receiving many praises and awards from various world film critics.

The film itself tells the story of Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja), a ginseng farmer with acupuncture abilities who has lived as a widow for many years. His life is currently only accompanied by his son, Do-joon (Won Bin), who, even though he is 28 years old, still often sleeps in the same bed with him. It's okay, when compared to other adult men, Do-joon has a bit of emotional retardation in his daily life.

Even so, Do-joon goes about his days like an ordinary person. Despite his mother's disapproval, he often hangs out with Jin-tae (Jin Goo), an unemployed man who becomes Do-joon's best friend. Together, they often visit bars, get drunk or engage in various other useless activities. Trouble comes one night, when Do-joon and Jin-tae promise to meet at a bar, but until dawn, Jin-tae has not shown the bridge of his nose. Finally, drunk, Do-joon is kicked out by the bar owner.

On his way home, Do-joon then stalks a frightened looking girl. Had teased the girl for a while, but ended in rejection, Do-joon finally chose to go home. The next day, it turns out that the girl has been found dead in a house that Do-joon and the girl passed last night. Unfortunately, some of the evidence found at the crime scene suggests that Do-joon was the one who killed the girl. Using certain techniques, the police finally manage to get Do-joon to sign an acknowledgment that he killed the girl.

Unable to accept her only son being abused, Hye-ja finally takes all possible steps to free Do-joon. Ways such as contacting several well-known lawyers in the area, to collecting various evidences to show that the child is innocent, are carried out by Hye-ja. Slowly, Hye-ja finally managed to find traces of the girl's real killer.


Combining family drama, thriller and a little comedy, Bong Joon-ho managed to bring the story script he wrote with Park Eun-kyo to life. Although in some scenes, especially in some of the scenes towards the end of the film, it feels a bit extended, but it still doesn't make Mother lose its appeal. Of course, this cannot be separated from the attraction of the two main characters, Kim Hye-ja and Won Bin.

Just look at the first scene of this film — which turns out to be one of the final scenes of this film that is placed at the beginning of the film — which shows Hye-ja dancing in the middle of the grass. It looks strange at first, but with a sad facial expression, it is one of the most touching scenes in the film. This scene is also a sign for every audience that they will listen to the excellent acting of senior South Korean actress, Kim Hye-ja, who displays a very stunning level of acting, especially from every facial expression she makes throughout the film.

The young actor, Won Bin, also turned out to be able to match the appearance of Kim Hye-ja's caliber by providing an innocent picture of Do-joon's character. Despite having less screen-time than Kim-Hye ja, but still, every time Won Bin appears as Do-joon, Mother is able to feel more touching and colorful. The appearance of the two main characters is also reinforced by several supporting actors, especially by Jin Goo who plays Jin-tae, who has a slightly unpredictable character throughout the film.

With an interesting story script - plus a little twist at the end of the story -, precise execution of the actors and some pretty beautiful cinematography, Mother is a film that is able to make the audience continue to listen to the story of Do-joon and his mother in solving the problems offered. in the storyline of this film. Simple, but able to bind perfectly.

Rating: 4 / 5

Mother (CJ Entertainment, 2009)

Mother (2009)

Directed by Bong Joon-ho Produced by Choi Jae-won, Seo Woo-sik Written by Bong Joon-ho, Park Eun-kyo, Starring Kim Hye-ja, Won Bin, Moon Hee-ra, Yoon Je-moon, Jeon Mi-seon, Song Sae-byeok, Chun Woo-hee, Kwak Do-won, Kim Jin-goo, Lee Young-suk Music by Lee Byung-woo Cinematography Hong Kyeong-pyo Distributed by CJ Entertainment Running time 128 minutes Country South Korea Korean

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