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 Is there anything scarier than knowing you've been buried alive? Knowing that in the next few minutes, the angel of death will so easily come to visit you, take your life while all you can do is lie in wait unable to do anything. This is the biggest fear that the Spanish director, Ricardo Cortés, tries to convey in his film, Buried. It's definitely a huge challenge to be able to bring a 94 minute film to life by using only one character and a coffin as a backdrop throughout the story. But throw away all these doubts because Cortés is so cleverly able to concoct Buried into one of the most suspenseful films ever!

By relying solely on Ryan Reynolds' acting skills, Buried is a film that really challenges the audience's patience in the one hour duration of the beginning of the story. In this section, viewers will first be introduced to the only character they will see throughout the film, Paul Steven Conroy (Reynolds). When first introduced, Paul is in a state that clearly no one would ever want this to happen to them: being in a coffin and realizing that he is buried deep underground. Obviously panic would then hit Paul's soul, but slowly, Paul was able to remember what had happened to him.

Paul, an American truck driver working in Iraq, and his co-workers have been attacked by a mob of unidentified men as they were driving through the streets of Iraq. Unlike most of his friends who have died, Paul is now buried alive by his captors, with the aim of getting ransom from the United States government. Inside the coffin, Paul finds a cell phone, a knife and several lighting devices. Through that cell phone, Paul tried to save his life by contacting the FBI. But over the same cell phone, Paul's kidnappers keep pressuring Paul to do whatever they want.

If you want to take a closer look, Buried is not just a film that tells the story of a man's struggle to save his life. There are several political issues that Cortés tries to bring up in the Buried storyline: whether it's an anti-war message to the United States military or a satire about the weakness of the United States government's efforts to save its citizens when they are in dangerous conditions, Cortés able to insert these messages through a storyline that constantly increases the intensity of the tension even until the film's story ends.

The early minutes of Buried were a big challenge for the audience, who asked if they could survive to continue following the storyline of this film. Not that it was the worst part of Buried – it was almost perfect! – but with a very slow storyline in introducing Paul and what happened to him, it will indeed be a problem for those who are not used to following stories that have a slow rhythm in telling. On the other hand, Cortés' slow rhythm was able to give its own psychological effect to the audience. Using only the background of a narrow and isolated location, and coupled with a very clever camera and lighting arrangement, the audience will slowly begin to feel themselves in Paul's shoes.

When Cortés and Buried have succeeded in plugging their spurs into your soul, the journey of this film will then run like a train that moves so fast. Successively, Cortés presents various new problems that Paul must face while trying to save his life. These problems, so brilliantly written by screenwriter Chris Sparling, continue to escalate Buried's suspense level, which doesn't seem to end even when the film is over. Oh, get ready with an ending that might make you need breathing assistance because the walk is so intense.

Of course, with only one character in the storyline, all the audience's focus will be on Ryan Reynolds' ability to bring his character to life. And fortunately, Ryan Reynolds who is in this film is not the Ryan Reynolds that audiences always see in his romantic comedy films. Reynolds, was extraordinary able to bring this film alone. From the beginning to the end of this film, Reynolds managed to provide a variety of emotions for his character to be able to be felt by every audience who witnessed his story. A performance that is clearly Reynolds' best performance in his entire career to date.

Buried is only located in a buried coffin with a man who is still alive and trying to save his life. However, Buried is not just a film that purely tells the story of the man's escape. Buried has many other hidden messages that will make everyone gasp. Thanks to the extraordinary intelligence of director Ricardo Cortés and scriptwriter Chris Sparling, Buried is a thriller that runs from minute to minute. Coupled with Ryan Reynolds' emotional character acting, no one should miss a film as smart and touching as Buried!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Buried (The Safran Company/Versus Entertainment/Dark Trick Films/Lionsgate, 2010)

Buried (2010)

Directed by Rodrigo Cortés Produced by Adrián Guerra, Peter Safran, Samuel Hadida Written by Chris Sparling Starring Ryan Reynolds, Ivana Miño, Robert Paterson, José Luis GarcÃa Pérez, Stephen Tobolowsky, Samantha Mathis, Warner Loughlin , Erik Palladino Music by VÃctor Reyes Cinematography Eduard Grau Editing by Rodrigo Cortés Studio The Safran Company/Versus Entertainment/Dark Trick Films Distributed by Lionsgate Running time 94 minutes^ Country Spain^ Language English

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